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Linda Raven
Grounded in social justice principles, I support you to reconnect with the wisdom in your body to take steps towards living the life your heart is calling you to live.

I am a certified life coach with a background in social justice education, experiential education, yoga teaching, engineering, organic farming and experience living internationally. I bring all of this together as an Embodiment and Transition Coach. I support people who are going through a change, or are feeling stuck and wish they were going through a change, to identify their challenges and take conscious steps towards the life their heart is calling them to live. I know that change is often messy and non-linear. I enjoy diving deep into the shadows with my clients to explore the root causes of their fears. I recognize that the root causes often involve subconscious (or conscious) messaging from living in a patriarchal, oppressive society and believe in unshaming the insecurities we all carry as a result.