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Mind Muscle Strength
Certified Health and Life Coaching, specializing in stress mitigation, positive self-image and mindset, reduction in depression and anxiety, nutrition that is right for the person, and exercise that is right for the person.

My name is Scott Leeper and I am a Certified Health and Life Coach. I am a master of habit and lifestyle change and I assist people in making certain habit changes in order to lead an overall healthy lifestyle. In my profession, I help people with nutrition and exercise that works best for that person, and equally important aspects of stress mitigation, positive self-image, positive mindset, and reduction in depression and anxiety. I am a firm believer in the concept of “your thoughts create your reality”. With this in mind, I focus on creating positive thoughts in a person’s mind, while they are making positive lifestyle changes.

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101 E Mishawaka Ave
Learn about essential oils and other natural methods to promote wellness and a joyful love of life.

Contact me to set up a free 1 hour consultation or to receive a schedule of oil education classes. My services include doTERRA essential oils, ZYTO scanner, AromaTouch Hand technique, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).