Collaborate | Cowork | Connect


Collaborate | Cowork | Connect

Are you committed to fulfilling your social responsibility aspirations?  We take pride in our contribution of making our community a better place.  If you are a like-minded business owner or a private citizen, let’s connect.  Help bring forth the best in our community by fostering an atmosphere of enthusiasm, encouragement, and accomplishment among our budding business owners and entrepreneurs. 

101Co3 co-working space is a 501c3 non-profit. In order to help our members grow their businesses without significant debt or overhead, we provide a clean and professional atmosphere equipped with secure/fast internet, printer, scanner/fax, meeting rooms, presentation room, and many other amenities of a professional office space at a very affordable fee. Such costs can sometimes be overwhelming and ultimately can crush the dreams and goals of a person wanting to start a business.

Your contribution will ensure that we have the financial resources to create a budget that enables us to:

  • enhance the member’s resources
  • host prominent/professional speakers, teachers, and workshops
  • market our successes in order to gain more members
  • recognition from the community and the media.

We look to be the catalyst that brings our community together.

The successes of our members and supporters are exponential. By supporting 101Co3, your company will:

  • gain recognition for its commitment to the betterment of the community
  • create the very ripple effect that will enhance the underlying wealth of the community
  • make invaluable connections with other business owners
  • they have the opportunity to network


All of us here at 101Co3 would be very appreciative of your support!  We are a family of motivated and creative individuals who understand the value and the power of connection, collaboration, and community.

Please consider making an appointment with Nicole today for a personal tour.  We are extremely proud of all that has been created on this corner and we are so happy to share it with you.

Nicole McKee, CEO